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About the company

YläkuvaSari Kettunen Art sells textile artworks and high quality giclee prints of them, made by textile artist Sari Kettunen.

Textile artworks are created using textile art techniques. A professional photographer takes an extremely sharp photo of the original artwork, which is like a plate made by a graphic artist. After this the image is printed in series to paper or canvas.

Only a limited amount of prints are made of each artwork. The size of a series is 20 pieces. Every print is numbered,dated and signed by the artist. According to customer’s wishes the image can be printed on either paper or canvas. Museum quality ink and acid free 100% rag paper or acid free canvas suitable for fine art printing, are used in the printing.

Paper prints are available both bare and framed under glass. Please note that products framed under glass can not be sent by mail.

A canvas print is wrapped on wooden stretchers and hangable as it is. A canvas print can also be framed which will make it look neater. I can help with finding and getting the right frame if needed.

My atelier is located at UPO’s old foundry in Lahti.

Sari Kettunen
040 823 5532

I have a daytime job in the field of education so I’m easiest to reach via email. I’m most likely to answer the phone on Saturdays. You can also leave a message in the voice mail and I will call back to you.

Sari Kettunen Art
Askonkatu 13 A
15100 LAHTI

About the artist

Sari Kettunen

Our everyday lives are full of little miracles. During the ideation period I often wander around with my camera looking for those miracles. Naturally on ordinary days in life those miracles often slip by unnoticed, but sometimes they can be caught with a cell phone camera or on the corner of a calendar page with a pen. Because completing a piece of art is such a slow process only a fraction of these wondrous moment come into being. Maybe those are the best moments, maybe just the most urgent thought.

I’m passionate and experimental with different materials, textiles and other art making techniques. However it’s no use to reinvent the wheel and therefore the thousands of years old tapestry technique is my most beloved one. It’s marvelous in its simplicity. Painting with yarns creates entirely unique surfaces. Tapestries have been weaved since ancient times and I’m fascinated with the idea that I can be a part of a historical continuum. In its slowness it’s a meditative way to make art. It takes patience and a strong belief that the outcome is worth the effort. My tapestries are pictures of moments and moods in life. In my art the brief meaningful moments in life become visible thread by thread.

The pieces I’ve made using mixed technique are sorts of technical fusions. I combine patchwork, free machine embroidery and acrylic painting. I’ve been developing this technique for some of my pieces and will absolutely continue with it. In my mixed technique pieces animals and plants act as interpreters of moods and human feelings.

(last updated 17.4.2016)

Sari Kettunen
Born: 1973 Ilomantsi, Finland


1997-2001 Degree Programmr in Design, Textile, Häme Polytechnic, Wetterhoff, Hämeenlinna
1989-1992 Kallio
Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts, Helsinki



Solo exhibitions:

2008 Kätevä -fair, Lahti
2008 Installation on the ice of lake Päijänne, Arktic hysteria -event, Padasjoki
2007 Installation, nationalpark at Päijänne, Padasjoki
2006 Forma -fair, Helsinki messukeskus
2006 Galleria SOPPI, Heinola
1998 Hotel Aulanko, Hämeenlinna

Group exhibitions:

2015 Summer exhibition, Galleria Pikantti, Padasjoen taideyhdistys ry
2013 Christmas exhibition, Galleria Pikantti, Padasjoen taideyhdistys ry
2011 Summer exhibition, Galleria Pikantti, Padasjoen taideyhdistys ry
2009 Summer exhibition, Ars Auttoinen, Padasjoki
2008 Christmas exhibition, Galleria Pikantti, Padasjoen taideyhdistys ry
2007 Summer exhibition, Galleria Pikantti, Padasjoen taideyhdistys ry
2007 Design and craft celebration exhibition, Turku
2005 Palmikko-group exhibition, Habitare -fair, Helsinki
2004 Palmikko-group, Housing Fair Finland, Puoskan Helmi, Heinola
2004 Palmikko-group, Housing Fair Finland, Villa Hilden, Hartola


2008 Hand weaved carpets, Katisten Kartano, Hämeenlinna
2008 Kettinki -hand painted curtains with woollen chains, Kulttuuri- ja Kongressikeskus Verkatehdas Oy, Hämeenlinna
2005 Kettinki -woollen chains, Hotelli K5, Levi
2000 Tiedon virta -textile artwork, Häme polytechnic, Forssa


2015- Company name: Sari Kettunen Art
2004-2015 Company name: Kulman Kankaat


2008- Padasjoen taideyhdistys ry blog administrator
2006 Padasjoen taideyhdistys fund manager
2005-2011 Padasjoki, business committee


2008 Häme Taito-Crafts Entrepreneur
2007 Finnish Cultural Foundation, Häme regional fund for artistic working
2007 Arts Counsil of Häme, fund for installation
2001 Fredrika Wetterhoff-foundation stipend
1999 Finnish Cultural Foundation, Häme regional fund for textile product development

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