Round artwork: The Interchange of Life

Handwoven, embroidered and painted in acrylic colors. This work of art is called The Interchange of Life. Its measures are 23.62 in x 23.62 in x 1.18 in. Wool, silk and acrylic paints have been used as materials. The art work was completed in 2020.

Artwork: The Winter Girl Drives Across Lapland

This artwork is called The Winter Girl Drives Across Lapland. It is woven with a loom. Measures are 29.52 in x 49.21 in x 1.18 in. Wool and steel-reinforced linen have been used as materials. The work was completed in 2016.


The meadow is a battlefield for life and death. The invasion has been inspired by the fact that lupines have taken over Finnish summer meadows and wastelands. Invasion is wovenJatka lukemista ”Invasion”


Felicity on kudottu kangaspuilla./Felicity is weaved on a loom. Valmistumisvuosi 2018./Made in 2018. Teoksen koko/Size: 61 cm x 80 cm/24,02” x 31,50” Sari Kettunen Art Instagram Sari Kettunen Art Facebook

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