Sari Kettunen (1973) was born in Ilomantsi, East Finland. Nowadays she lives and works in Hollola, Southern Finland.

Sari Kettunen grew up in Hämeenlinna, Southern Finland, where her family moved soon after she was born. She became familiar with weaving at an early age while she was spending her summers in Ilomantsi with her grandmother, who was an enthusiastic weaver and a craftswoman.

As a young woman she lived first in Helsinki and then in Hamina, studying performing arts, sculpture and many handicraft techniques. She returned to her hometown Hämeenlinna to study at the Häme University of Applied Sciences, Wetterhoff, majoring in textile design. She graduated in 2001.

After graduation, she established an versatile textile enterprise. The workshop was in an old school building in Padasjoki. Moving to the countryside made a deep impression on her. Living in the middle of the forest meant living in the rhythm of nature and under its conditions. This deepened her relationship with nature. Seven years later Finland was in recession and this also affected the orders of the small textile company. It was time to move back to the city and look for a new direction in life.

Since 2011 Sari has focused on developing her artistic expression. Themes in her art are those little moments in life, full of meaning. A strong relationship with nature is shown in her work, where the landscapes or animals often act as interpreters for human emotions. She also works with early childhood education. The immediacy of the children, the opportunity to see into their magic world full of play and the wisdom of the old fairy tales feeds the artistic work.

Sari enjoys technical challenges and is therefore well suited for weaving art textiles. She is not afraid of combining different techniques. With her self-made looms, she is always willing to push herself and her equipment to the limits, to achieve something beautiful, good and true.


1997-2001 Degree Programme in Design, Textile, Häme Polytechnic, Wetterhoff, Hämeenlinna
1989-1992 Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts, Helsinki



Group exhibitions:

2019 Garden of Eden, Group exhibition in Schloss Neuhaus, Haslach, Austia, European Textile Network
2018 Ornamo Art & Design Sale, Helsinki
2017 Ornamo Art & Design Sale, Helsinki
2015 Summer exhibition, Galleria Pikantti, Padasjoen taideyhdistys ry
2013 Christmas exhibition, Galleria Pikantti, Padasjoen taideyhdistys ry
2011 Summer exhibition, Galleria Pikantti, Padasjoen taideyhdistys ry
2009 Summer exhibition, Ars Auttoinen, Padasjoki
2008 Christmas exhibition, Galleria Pikantti, Padasjoen taideyhdistys ry
2007 Summer exhibition, Galleria Pikantti, Padasjoen taideyhdistys ry
2007 Design and craft celebration exhibition, Turku
2005 Palmikko-group exhibition, Habitare -fair, Helsinki
2004 Palmikko-group, Housing Fair Finland, Puoskan Helmi, Heinola
2004 Palmikko-group, Housing Fair Finland, Villa Hilden, Hartola

Solo exhibitions:

2019 Taitekohtia, Gallery Mursu, Lahti
2008 Kätevä -fair, Lahti
2008 Installation on the ice of lake Päijänne, Arktic hysteria -event, Padasjoki
2007 Installation, nationalpark at Päijänne, Padasjoki
2006 Forma -fair, Helsinki messukeskus
2006 Galleria SOPPI, Heinola
1998 Hotel Aulanko, Hämeenlinna


2008 Hand weaved carpets, Katisten Kartano, Hämeenlinna
2008 Kettinki -hand painted curtains with woollen chains, Kulttuuri- ja Kongressikeskus Verkatehdas Oy, Hämeenlinna
2005 Kettinki -woollen chains, Hotelli K5, Levi
2000 Tiedon virta -textile artwork, Häme polytechnic, Forssa


2015- Company name: Sari Kettunen Art
2004-2015 Company name: Kulman Kankaat


2008- Padasjoen taideyhdistys ry blog administrator
2006 Padasjoen taideyhdistys fund manager
2005-2011 Padasjoki, business committee


2008 Häme Taito-Crafts Entrepreneur
2007 Finnish Cultural Foundation, Häme regional fund for artistic working
2007 Arts Counsil of Häme, fund for installation
2001 Fredrika Wetterhoff-foundation stipend
1999 Finnish Cultural Foundation, Häme regional fund for textile product development

(Updated 1.5.2019)

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