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Northern colors and moods -collection

I am currently working on a product development project that aims to develop a collection of hand-woven textile art works and the fabric quality that the collection is based on so that the art works are suitable for public spaces. The art works in the collection will be made from the developed fabric quality by modifying the pattern and coloring. The works are woven from ecologically and ethically produced yarns and the Flammability Class and acoustic quality of the fabric are tested during the project.

The work proceeds in such a way that, with the help of various experiments, I find out what kind of material, structure, technology and color combination would be the most optimal for my artistic expression on the one hand and for the client’s needs on the other. Once the right combination has been found, the required number of test fabrics will be used in the research laboratory to determine the Flammability Class and acoustic quality of the fabric. Then, when the fabric quality is in place and in line with the goals, I can standardize the production process of the art works and do the visual design of the collection.

The development project will be implemented in my art weaving studio in Lahti. I am currently at the stage of developing my working methods and tools while experimenting with fabric texture. I also do preliminary sketching for the collection. My goal is to start weaving the first art works in the collection in November 2021.

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