Art + Acoustics: Käsittäjä I


Title of the artwork: Käsittäjä I

Year of completion: 2023

Size: 94cm x 162cm x 5cm

Material: Wool from Finnish sheep dyed with natural colors, biodynamically produced wool, GOTS-certified organic cotton, wood

Technique: Fabric weaving

Hanging: The artwork is stretched on a wooden frame. It can be hung like a regular painting. There are two metal hanging loops in the upper part of the back of the piece.

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The artwork deals with a person’s ability to create meaningful entities from their observations, with the help of which they can understand the world. The artwork entices the viewer to think about what he/she sees in the artwork and what kind of interpretations he/she makes of what he sees. Through a artwork made by hands, insights and new worlds of understanding open up for the human viewer. But how does a machine’s intelligence, which is based on codes instead of sensory perceptions, understand the same artwork? The artwork participates in the discussion about the nature and differences between human intelligence and artificial intelligence.


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