Kuvassa on tekstiilitaiteilija Sari Kettunen
Sari Kettunen

Hello! I am textile artist Sari Kettunen and I want to help you create comfortable homes and offices with the help of responsibly created art.

I am fascinated by old stories and folk art in its various forms. For thousands of years, they have conveyed things about being human and culture. Most of all, however, I get inspiration from the wonderful nature around us. It is a bottomless source of creativity. I travel with my husband around the North and Europe. Everywhere I can see the stunning natural landscapes that affect me deeply. From these elements, I strive to create artworks that speak to you as well.

I love doing things by hand. When I was younger, I “collected” craft techniques, always grabbing both new and traditional tools and materials, trying their limits. At the moment I am focused on weaving, which I spice with embroidery. I will be happy to use my experience and expertise for your benefit.

My way of working is experimental, but also striving for perfection. I want to learn something new as each artwork progresses. I enjoy the technical side of weaving and the limitations of technology that I always want to overcome. I want each of my works to be meaningfully appealing and skilfully executed.

Sari Kettunen sits by the loom weaving.
Textile artist Sari Kettunen makes art by weaving and embroidery. She works in Lahti.


Textiles are known to have the ability to improve acoustics. In the production of the artworks of the Art+Acoustics series, this ability has been further enhanced by adding an acoustic element inside the artworks. The element is made from needle felted sheep wool by folding. In indicative testing, the artworks of the series have received absorption class B (Turu AMK’s acoustics laboratory).


Good art is created from quality materials. For me, quality means e.g. that the materials are technically and visually suitable for my artworks and the techniques I have chosen in every way and that they are conveniently available. To me, quality also means that the materials are produced in an ethical and ecologically sustainable manner. I use plastic-based products as little as possible, but in some situations using them can be justified.