Round artwork: The Interchange of Life

Handwoven, embroidered and painted in acrylic colors. This artwork is called The Interchange of Life. Its measures are 23.62 in x 23.62 in x 1.18 in. Wool, silk and acrylic paints have been used as materials. The artwork was completed in 2020.

The Interchange of Life is a layered work. Just like life itself, it is a melting pot of various historical and modern technologies, materials and ideas.

The surface of the artwork depicts everything essential in the world, the flora in the form of the tree of life, humanity in the form of goddesses, and the animal kingdom in the form of birds. The black swan also joined the artwork, after a pandemic surprised humanity just at the time the work was made.

Contemporary times is represented by a interchange made with acrylic paint. It goes through the artwork just as a highway cuts through the landscape. The form of the interchange is same as a symbol of eternity. The flow of traffic never stops, be it the flow of people, money or information.

  • Title of the artwork: The Interchange of Life
  • Year of completion: 2020
  • Materials: Wool, silk, acrylic paint
  • Technique: weaving, embroidery, acrylic painting
  • Hanging: The artwork is stretched on a round wood-based frame. Hang like a regular paintings


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